Positioned as a restaurant with “Mediterranean and Product” cuisine, we seek excellence in the processes, in the quality of the raw material and in the products we offer, so we invite you to be advised by the suggestions of our chef and taste the best products of market at all times.

Paella & Pasta


“Capellán” Salad (tomato salad with poor cod, artichokes, olive and ñora dressing) 14€

“Revuelto” El Puerto (baby squid with ham, spring, garlic, onion and baby broad beans) 18€

Avocado tartar with salmon 17´50€

Caesar salad 13€

Carpaccio of Iberian pork in pistach, ginger, lime & orange dressing 16€

Clams (“a la marinera”, grilled, coriander or in garlic oil) 18€

Dill Marinated Salmon with trout roe, sprouts, soya sauce & black sesame oil 16€

Garlic Red Royal Shrimps 18€

Green salad with semi-salted Mackerel 15€

Home-made croquettes XL (dates & bacon, spinach, seafood, ox tail) 2€/un.

Mediterranean salad (green salad with orange, citric dressing and honey) 13€

Mussels with coconut cream & curry 13€

National calamari with coriander alioli 18€

Piparra Salad (“Ibarra” green chili, tomato and tuna belly) 16€

Pumpkin cream, curry & mint oil 6€

Sea-bass “Ceviche” 17€

Timbale of mushrooms, cured egg yolk, chive & ham salt 15€

Paella & Pasta

A Banda (peeled prawns, fish and cuttlefish) 16€

Artichokes, cuttlefish and Royal red shrimps 20€

Black (cooked in squid ink with calamari rings) 14€

Caldero bahía (soggy a banda paella) 16€

Caldero with Rockfish (1st rockfish stew and 2nd paella cooked in their broth) 22€

Little Cuttlefish, baby broad beans and spring garlic 17€

Monkfish, clams and spring garlic 19€

Ox tail with chickpeas 18€

Seafood 22€

Spaghettis a la Marinera (tomato, calamari, prawns, clams, garlic & parsley) 16€

Spinach & Roquefort crepe 12€

Vegetables and pork ribs 16€


Crayfish 100g 18€

King prawns 100g 16€

Red Royal Shrimps 100g 18€

Shrimps 100g 18€


Baked Turbot with spring garlic, clam, prawn & Ham 22€

Cod with Roasted Peppers salad or with onions 18€

Fish cooked in Sea salt 25€

Sea-bass to fennel in Papillot with vegetables 19€


“Morucha” Veal Entrecote 20€

Beef Sirloin 22€

Beef sirloin cooked covered in Sea Salt 28€

Duck confite with sautéed mushrooms 17€

Sauce (pepper, roquefort, béarnaise, mustard) +2€


“Leche Frita” (Fried Milk with Sugar and Cinnamon) 8€

Bread Pudding 5€

Carrot cake 8€

Cheese Cake with red fruits coulis 7€

Chocolate Coulant with Cardamon and orange Cream 9€

Crême Brulée 7€

Lemon Sorbet with cava and vodka 5,90€

Milfeuille with cream and red berries 8€

Pineapple Carpaccio with lime 5€

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