17 November, 2022
Celebraciones El Puerto Restaurante

Christmas celebrations

There is a lot to celebrate, another year is coming to an end with all that this entails, have you already decided where you are going […]
25 September, 2022
Restaurante gourmet

Desserts and pre-desserts

Forest of cheese and berries - El Puerto Restaurant
1 August, 2022
Arroces, paellas, Restaurante El Puerto

Paellas tasting

You are a paella lover, you would like to live and enjoy the unique experience of tasting the best Levantine paella dishes, in an ideal environment, […]
1 July, 2022
Tartar de aguacate con salmón


If you would like to share a table with some good tapas, if you love eating tapas with your family and friends, come to El Puerto […]
13 June, 2022
Solomillo a la Sal - Restaurante El Puerto

Beef sirloin cooked in Sea Salt

If you want to enjoy the authentic and genuine flavour of the meat, with that unbeatable tender and juicy texture, which we achieve as if you […]
2 June, 2022
Pescado a la sal / Fish cooked in sea salt -Restaurante el Puerto

Fish cooked in Sea salt

If you like fish and want to enjoy its authentic flavour in all its splendour with all five senses, try our fish cooked in sea salt […]
27 May, 2022
Ensalada de caballa en semi-salazón


Do you like good salads, those that are made at the moment for you, with fresh vegetables, delicious and nutritious fruits, ingredients and dressings of the […]
19 May, 2022
Guarniciones / Garnishes - Restaurante El Puerto


Guarniciones / Garnishes - Restaurante El Puerto
13 May, 2022

Sea bass ceviche

Would you like to taste a fresh, cheerful and appetizing dish as well as healthy? Try our delicious Sea bass Ceviche at Restaurante El Puerto, you […]